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  • 445th Wing commander sends holiday greetings

    As this year comes to a close, I would like to personally thank the more than 2,000 Airmen and civilians of the 445th Airlift Wing for your unprecedented performance in the year we just completed. The non-stop pace of 2010 was one for the history books. The superb accomplishments of this wing are due to one and only one thing; you're never ending
  • Yellow Ribbon Program provides deployment assistance

    Many of you have attended a Yellow Ribbon event as part of your pre- and post-deployment activities. These events are intended to provide your families with sufficient information on available services, provide referrals to these services as appropriate, and sustain the proactive outreach opportunities to assist you throughout the deployment cycle.
  • Commander sends holiday greetings

    As we celebrate this holiday season and prepare for the challenges of 2011, I want to thank you for serving our nation as Citizen Airmen.You have stepped up to meet every tasking given to you. You airlifted much needed aid to disaster victims, deployed to Afghanistan, helped usher in a new era in Iraq or supported other contingency operations
  • Commentary: Duty limiting conditions may affect your career

    Air Force Reserve Command recently enacted a medical "rule" for reservists which could adversely affect you career. The new rule states that if any Airman has a duty limiting condition (including fitness testing limitations) for any specific diagnosis, for a cumulative total of 365 days in his Air Force career (including active duty), that
  • Commentary: 445th AW member finds Hollywood fortune and fame during FOD walk

    A profound statement was recently published about the similarities between Dire Straits' brand of "Walk of Life" and the 445th Airlift Wing FOD walk. This week we are all privileged to be a witness to this phenomenon as one of our own within the very ranks of the 445th AW went from being a mild mannered, hard working technician, to the ranks of
  • Commentary: 445th AW coincides FOD walk with Earth Week

    There are so many commonalities between FOD walks and the rest of the world, it can be staggering at times to consider them all. One of these commonalities is how there are three distinct types of people on planet Earth and there are three distinct types of FOD walkers. All determined by how they return their FOD bags back in the box when
  • Chasing the stripe!

    We've all heard the phrase...and many "stripechasers" would solemnly attest to the opposite in their own plight for promotion. However, there IS a big difference between "chasing the stripe" and getting promoted.How do you know that the difference? Well, here is some insight and things that you should really focus your efforts on regarding
  • What is the Aeromedical Staging Squadron?

    So what is an aeromedical staging squadron and what do we do? I get asked that question all the time and I have to admit, before I joined the squadron some 13 years ago I had no idea myself. There are two major components that make up the ASTS, patient staging and critical patient care. The patient staging function is the largest component in the
  • Commentary: Running like the wind

    I have always wanted to do well on my PT test. When the Air Force implemented the 1.5 mile run, I was extremely out of shape. I never needed to do any cardio workouts because I would always pass my bike test. As for the weight room, I had no time to for it nor did I want to make time. However, when the Air Force announced the new 1.5 requirement --
  • For Airmen, extraordinary things happen every day

    As military members, most of us understand we're a part of something special. I'm not sure I realized the full reality of just how unique our profession is until I stepped away from it. I didn't stay away long, but when I returned, it was with a new sense of appreciation.I served almost 10 years on active duty, but currently enjoy the privilege of