445th Education Office enhances academic opportunities

Tech. Sgt. Ashlee L. Janson, 445th Force Support Squadron education counselor and Staff Sgt. Michael Bailey, an HVAC technician with the 445th Civil Engineer Squadron, discuss education opportunities March 4, 2018.

Tech. Sgt. Ashlee L. Janson, 445th Force Support Squadron education counselor and Staff Sgt. Michael Bailey, an HVAC technician with the 445th Civil Engineer Squadron, discuss education opportunities March 4, 2018. (U.S. Air Force photo/Senior Airman Ethan Spickler)


The Air Force is committed to maintaining a culture of excellence in the air, on the ground and in the classroom. Throughout their careers, Airmen constantly improve upon the knowledge and skills demanded of them by their career fields with many continuing their education outside of the military.


Navigating constantly evolving academic environments can often be challenging, sometimes even frustrating, but 445th Airmen have access to information that can help them chart the right course.


The 445th Wing Education Office exists to facilitate the academic success of wing personnel, not only on Wright-Patterson Air Force Base but in the civilian world as well. The office provides academic resources and benefits information alongside personalized guidance from experienced counselors. These education and training specialists have the ability to review education benefits options with members, import and export academic data and provide continuing support for military students.


The wing education office provides this support to 2,800 Airmen and thus far in FY18 alone, they have provided 157 members with $271,000 in tuition assistance funds. They also provide Community College of the Air Force degree support, GI Bill support, financial aid resources, school information and College Level Examination Program/Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support test resources.


“The mission of the wing education office is to ensure that wing personnel are informed about how they can utilize the education benefits that are available to them,” said Master Sgt. Ashley B. Dahl, 445th Force Support Squadron unit training manager. “There are a lot of benefits that members don’t know about. We want anyone that comes into the office to know what they have available to accelerate their learning opportunities.”


The academic climate changes rapidly, with more and more schools focusing on online learning rather than brick-and-mortar classroom instruction. The wing education office provides up-to-date resources for members interested in pursuing education both online and in-person, while at the same time, maximizing their financial utility.


The Air Force values individual education, however many Airmen neglect to use the extensive support system provided for them to meet their educational goals and achieve academic success while simultaneously maintaining financial stability.


“My job is to provide wing training and education support and help get our members through school with as little debt as possible,” said Tech. Sgt. Ashlee L. Janson, the wing education counselor. “I put out resources for them and help them create an education strategy that offers the greatest chance of success. Every member has access to benefits, and it is always a good option to come to us for assistance. We will show you the steps you need to take to reach your goals, provide more insight into your options and help you decide which path offers the greatest long term utility.”    


The wealth of knowledge provided by the wing education office’s specialists is invaluable to the personal and professional success of 445th Airmen. If used properly, this resource can simplify the academic process and remunerate the education commitments members make. Life is an endless learning experience, and in the Air Force, that experience can offer exciting and rewarding challenges. The wing education office insists that 445th Airmen are able to excel and maintains a plethora of tools to aid them throughout their individual journeys. Airmen are highly encouraged to contact the education office in order to maximize the opportunities for growth that are currently available.


For more information, call 937-257-5092 or email 445MSS.DPMT@us.af.mil. The office is located in building 4014, room 162.