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Honor Guard Mission

To represent our nation, the U.S. Air Force, and the 445th Airlift Wing by rendering well executed military honors at funerals of active duty, retired, and veteran members who have served this great nation honorably. Additionally, the Honor Guard is dedicated to supporting the ceremonial needs of the 445th Airlift Wing and the greater Miami Valley communities by proudly performing as professional representatives of the United States Air Force.



Schedule the Honor Guard

Click here to request Honor Guard services.Please be sure to include the following information in all requests: Type of ceremony, Type of honors requested, Time & date of ceremony, Who is hosting the ceremony, Any other pertinent information regarding the ceremony, A POC with a good phone number. The Flight Support personnel will contact you to confirm receipt of your request. Please understand that funeral honors take precedence over all other Honor Guard activities. There is always a chance that non-funeral requests will be denied or cancelled if the Honor Guard becomes overtasked with funeral ceremonies.

Honor Guard Photo Show