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Meet your recruiters

TSgt David Morris

SMSgt Luz Gonzalez
Flight Chief

MSgt Michelle Shutler
In-Service Recruiter

TSgt David Morris
Line Recruiter
Toledo, OH

TSgt Matthew Steffens
Line Recruiter
Huber Heights, OH

Line Recruiter
Dublin, OH


TSgt Jameccia Haygood
Line Recruiter
Florence, KY
MSgt Frederick Geck
Line Recruiter
MSgt Jason Coraddi
Officer Recruiter
Pittsburgh ARS, PA
MSgt Sean Emmerling
Health Profession Recruiter


The Air Force Reserve Command's Recruiting Service provides the Air Force Reserve with its most valuable assets – its Reserve Citizen Airmen.  The mission of Recruiting Service, which is headquartered at Robins Air Force Base, Georgia, is to provide a recruiting force to access sufficient numbers of qualified applicants to fill programmed end-strength positions within the Air Force Reserve Command. The Recruiting Service consists of more than 500 military and civilian Citizen Airmen assigned worldwide at 187 locations.

Find a recruiter

To contact an Air Force Recruiting office anywhere in the U.S., call 1-800-257-1212.


Civilian Jobs

For federal government job opportunities throughout the United States, visit USAJOBS at:

Hot Career Fields

Listed below are just a few of the jobs and careers that are currently in demand. Some may even qualify for a bonus if you join! For all of the details on the jobs and opportunities, contact your nearest recruiter now!
  • Aerospace Ground Equipment
  • Aerospace Maintenance
  • Aircrew
  • Air Transportation
  • Civil Engineer
  • Communications
  • Electrical Power Production
  • Finance
  • Fire Fighter
  • Fuels
  • Intelligence
  • Legal
  • Life Support
  • Logistics Plans
  • Medical Services
  • Personnel
  • Public Affairs
  • Radio Communications Systems
  • Services
  • Safety
  • Security Forces
  • Supply Management
  • Transportation