Meet your recruiters

SMSgt Mauss Steffins MSgt Mers

SMSgt Nicole Mauss
Flight Chief
Wright-Patterson AFB, OH
(937) 260-9302

MSgt Matthew Steffens
In-Service Recruiter
Wright-Patterson AFB, OH
(937) 271-9707

SSgt Elliott Bullis
Line Recruiter
Toledo, OH
(419) 481-3702

TSgt Casey Wenningham
Line Recruiter
Huber Heights, OH
(937) 604-3617

MSgt Jeremy Mers
Line Recruiter
Dublin, OH
(614) 374-9620


Geck Corradi MSgt Shutler
MSgt Jameccia Haygood
Line Recruiter
Florence, KY
(859) 412-8411
MSgt Frederick Geck
Line Recruiter
Wright-Patterson AFB, OH
(937) 604-3616
MSgt Jason Coraddi
Officer Recruiter
Pittsburgh ARS, PA
(724) 900-0218
MSgt Michelle Shutler
Health Profession Recruiter
Wright-Patterson AFB, OH
(937) 361-9650


The Air Force Reserve Command's Recruiting Service provides the Air Force Reserve with its most valuable assets – its Reserve Citizen Airmen.  The mission of Recruiting Service, which is headquartered at Robins Air Force Base, Georgia, is to provide a recruiting force to access sufficient numbers of qualified applicants to fill programmed end-strength positions within the Air Force Reserve Command. The Recruiting Service consists of more than 500 military and civilian Citizen Airmen assigned worldwide at 187 locations.

Find a recruiter

To contact an Air Force Recruiting office anywhere in the U.S., call 1-800-257-1212.


Civilian Jobs

For federal government job opportunities throughout the United States, visit USAJOBS at:

Hot Career Fields

Listed below are just a few of the jobs and careers that are currently in demand. Some may even qualify for a bonus if you join! For all of the details on the jobs and opportunities, contact your nearest recruiter now!

  • Aeromedical Evacuation Flight Nurse
  • Aeromedical Evacuation Medical Technician
  • Aerospace Ground Equipment
  • Aerospace Maintenance
  • Aircrew
  • Air Transportation
  • Civil Engineer
  • Communications
  • Electrical Power Production
  • Finance
  • Fire Fighter
  • Fuels
  • Intelligence
  • Aircrew Flight Equipment 
  • Logistics Plans
  • Maintenance
  • Medical Services
  • Personnel
  • Public Affairs
  • Radio Communications Systems
  • Services
  • Safety
  • Security Forces
  • Supply Management
  • Transportation