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445 AW fitness testing resumes January 2021


To prepare for resumption of Air Force Fitness Assessments, January of 2021, the 445th Fitness Assessment Cell will conduct physical training leader training during the November and December Scarlet and Gray unit training assemblies.

The training will take place in the 445th Force Support Squadron auditorium, building 4014. Attendance is first come, first serve with a maximum attendance of 16.

How is the FAC combatting COVID-19 risks?

* The FAC will operate during the both UTAs, Saturday and Sunday (four sessions per month).

* Fitness assessments (FA) will be processed as chalks, eight testers at a time.

* Only eight testers will be allowed in the fitness center at a time. FAC Staff will provide guidance during each session.

* Sixteen PTLs are required to augment the FAC in order to meet mission requirements and maintain the health and safety of our Airmen (each day, of each UTA).

* PTLs and the FAC staff will wear gloves and masks.

* Equipment will be sanitized after each chalk (and when necessary).

* The waist measurement and height and weight are waived until Oct. 1, 2021.

* Airmen must use a toe hold bar to conduct the sit-up component.

When will I be testing?

· January testers: Scarlet and Gray – Airmen who FAILED or were NOT Current (before Mar. 13, 2019). The current exemption for Airmen in a Fail, Unsat and/or Not Current status will expire Jan. 3, 2021. There is not a 42 day reconditioning period.

. Unit Fitness Program Managers will be responsible for communicating to the FAC, which Airmen need to test in January.

· Airmen can find the official matrix (dated Sept. 16, 2020) on myPers at https://mypers.af.mil/app/answers/detail/a_id/46625/kw/covid%20fitness/p/10.

· At this time the FAC will only test Airmen who are due. Please do not sign up for a fitness assessment if your test isn’t due.

Please be flexible if further guidance comes from your leadership. If you have questions, please refer to your UFPM or contact the FAC at 257-7688 or 445fss.fitness@us.af.mil.