Air Force develops Airman Safety Action Program

  • Published
  • By Master Sgt. Joe Klimaski
  • 445th Airlift Wing Occupational Safety & Health

Did you know that the Air Force has created an interactive way to report safety/health hazards and offer risk mitigating solutions, anytime and anywhere?  That’s right, the Air Force Safety Center has developed an easy-to-use reporting system called the Airman Safety Action Program or ASAP. 

Originally created to report aviation safety hazards, the ASAP can now be used to report any life safety or health issues within the occupational, weapons, flight and/or space safety disciplines. 

While it’s always “best practice” to first contact the wing safety office when unsafe work conditions/practices or hazards arise and cannot be resolved locally, the ASAP is available to Airmen using the Air Force Connect App (from your smart phone) and allows anonymous reports to be made. 

Basically, an Airmen can submit an ASAP report anytime/anywhere, which is then sent to the Air Force’s central safety reporting database for triage by the responsible safety office so that the hazards can be investigated and addressed. 

For questions or inquiries about the ASAP or any other safety tips, contact the 445th Airlift Wing Safety Office at (937) 257-5767.