445th AW February Spotlight Performer

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  • 445th Airlift Wing Public Affairs

Rank/Name: Capt. Jonathan Charles

Unit: 445th Aeromedi­cal Staging Squadron

Duty Title: Medical Readiness Officer

Hometown: Zanesville, Ohio

Civilian Job: Warrant­ed federal contracting officer

Education: Bachelor of Science in marketing from Ohio Valley Uni­versity and pursuing a master’s degree in pub­lic administration from Central Michigan Uni­versity

Hobbies: Homeschool­ing, church, value-investing, history and bicycling.

Career Goal: In the military, I want to make major and work for Global Patient Movement Requirements Center (GPMRC). In my civilian career, I want to start my own business.

What do you like about working at the 445th? The mission and loca­tion. I left active duty to be closer to, and assist with, caring for my father. I chose the 445th ASTS specifically because of the wounded warrior/aeromedical evacuation mission. We care for, stage, and evacuate wounded war­riors, a job I fell in love with while stationed at the 779th Aeromedical Staging Facility while on active duty.

Why did you join the Air Force? Septem­ber 11th. In college, I found myself very vocal in support of the Global War on Terror, but that passionate support turned to guilt for not volunteering. So, upon graduation, I joined the Air Force to finally be a part of that worthy effort.