The Fiscal Year 2024 Experienced Aviator Retention Incentive has been released

  • Published
  • Headquarters Air Reserve Personnel Center

The Fiscal Year 2024 Experienced Aviator Retention Incentive (EARI) program formerly known as Aviation Bonus (AvB) has been released.

For FY24 ARPC will be continuing on with the same parameters for the approval date to ensure consistency and fairness.  When enrolling in a FY24 EARI contract, it is imperative to acknowledge that your signature signifies your intent to apply for the program.  Your commitment plays a pivotal role as one of the significant parameters considered when approving EARI contracts.  We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this matter.

For any inquiries, members are encouraged to seek guidance from their Wing Talent Management Consultants (WTMC) and EARI supervisors as their primary points of contact.  Your WTMC and EARI supervisor are dedicated to providing professional assistance and ensuring that all queries are addressed promptly and accurately.

To apply, aviators can navigate to my Force Support Squadron (myFSS),, search for AFR Aviation Bonus (AvB) or EARI.  Within this portal, you will discover a comprehensive knowledge article providing assistance for FY24 EARI.   

For further assistance, please use the option to submit an inquiry at the bottom of the knowledge article.