445th Airlift Wing 1st quarter CY 2024 award winners announced

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Company Grade Officer of the Quarter

Capt. Shanice Jackson, 445th Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron flight nurse/assistant chief nurse, is the 445th Airlift Wing Company Grade Officer of the Quarter. Jackson proactively organizing 26 flight nurse and 18 medical technician credentialing and certifications, ensuring 100% compliance with public law requirements. She bolstered unit capability by meticulously realigning 16 Unit Type Code slots, ensuring 100% accuracy in readiness reporting to higher headquarters for available personnel in preparation for future peer-to-peer contingencies. The captain elevated AE flight standards as medical crew director on three sorties, amassing eight flight hours. She guided nine junior technicians in pulmonary resuscitation codes for 14 training events. Jackson mentored 16 children in a local Boys and Girls Club, volunteering 42 hours and providing life experiences. She volunteered over 18 hours to the USO, providing briefings to 100 military and civilian members. Jackson developed and delivered on nursing curriculum, improving knowledge.

Senior NCO

Master Sgt. Diego Cancino, 445th Operations Support Squadron aircrew flight equipment flight chief, is the 445th Airlift Wing Senior NCO of the Quarter. Cancino successfully led 3,361 inspections and 662 quality control inspections on critical life-saving flight equipment totaling over $10 million. While training 16 team members, he surpassed Headquarters Air Force’s 10% mandate by more than 50%. Cancino was by-name requested by Air Force Reserve Command Logistics and Engineering to conduct a Unit Effectiveness Inspection at the 459th Air Refueling Wing at Joint Base Andrews, Maryland. Cancino discovered an Air Force supply system deficiency and worked alongside Headquarters Army and Headquarters Air Force Chemical Defense subject matter experts to rectify an ordering process error for mask tester alcohol wicks, leading to an annual cost savings of over $1 million. Cancino leveraged his Lean Sigma Six Green Belt training to streamline U.S. Air Force School of Aerospace Medicine’s Aeromedical Evacuation training center supply forecasts, increasing yearly flight safety for 300 flight nurses.


Tech. Sgt. Brandon Davis, 445th Mission Support Group training manager, is the 445th Airlift Wing NCO of the Quarter. Davis proactively identified and corrected 29 critical on-the-job training errors across five squadrons, enhancing the accuracy of members’ training and aligning with commander of Air Force Reserve Command TASKORD #2023-01, Task 1- Maintain Readiness. Going beyond his standard duties, he expertly processed 36 college transcripts, ensuring accurate documentation of completed degrees and progress toward additional education goals for 445th AW members. Davis hosted five focused question and answer sessions on GI Bill and education benefits, delivering crucial insights to over 85 members. Sergeant Davis facilitated the acquisition of 130 boxes of frozen meat and meals for under privileged veterans in the local community through the “Military Chow Hall” food pantry, contributing to essential support for those who served. Davis fulfilled three semester hours toward his organizational leadership bachelor’s degree, maintaining a 3.5 GPA, with 10 courses left for degree completion.


Senior Airman Marcus Simones, 445th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron crew chief, is the 445th Airlift Wing Airman of the Quarter. Simones led a three-person team, examining four aircraft returning from deployment. His team’s inspections resulted in detection and replacement of six unserviceable tires, enabling 434 flying hours, 148 sorties and a 70.3 mission-capable rate. Simones completed over 200 man-hours, accomplishing 30 tasks designed to discover and mitigate critical failures. He conducted 10 life raft pressure inspections, ensuring essential life-saving devices were serviceable in case of emergency. Simones identified a faulty emergency storage battery during a critical Air Mobility Command contingency launch. He integrated with two other career fields to remove and replace the battery, safeguarding the delivery of three missions and 20,000 pounds of cargo. The Airman volunteered more than 20 hours to help raise funds for the Kroger Foundation. His work with his team raised more than $1,500 in local grants, contributing to over $8 million in grants donated to 321 nonprofit organizations nationwide.