Tools to survive summer’s high-risk season

  • Published
  • By Kyle Baum
  • Air Education and Training Command Occupational Safety

The 101 Critical Days of Summer has officially kicked off. The mishap prevention campaign runs from Memorial Day Weekend (May 25) through Labor Day (Sept. 2). During this period, Airmen and Guardians historically increase high-risk activities as they venture out visiting friends and family, traveling, and exploring new interests. 

During last year’s 101 Critical Days of Summer, the Air Force lost 21 Airmen, two on-duty and 19 off-duty. Last year Air Education and Training Command sustained one fatality during the Critical Days of Summer. The tragic loss, a motorcycle mishap, occurred on Labor Day weekend during the last days of the campaign. The loss of any member to a preventable accident is one too many. Risk management is critical to ensure safety both on- and off-duty. Consider the risks associated with activities and implement sound prevention methods to help remain injury free.

This year AETC Safety partnered with several other major commands, field commands, field operating agencies and direct reporting units to increase awareness across the Air Force and Space Force. These safety experts worked together to identify activities presenting a higher level of risk, due to either the activity itself or the activity coupled with the longer hours of summer. As part of this effort, these safety teams created several flyers for use throughout the 101 Critical Days Summer to raise awareness of the hazards of various high-risk activities.

In addition to these flyers, please visit the Air Force’s summer safety page at