New beginnings

  • Published
  • By By Chaplain (Maj.) Thad Todd
  • 162nd Wing

For many of us, the month of May contains the day we have long awaited - graduation. This important milestone could be a personal achievement or we could be celebrating with a family member or loved one. 

Though graduation seems like the end, it is actually a new beginning. For a kindergartener, it is the beginning of elementary school, for an eighth grader the occasion signals the dawn of high school, and for high school students it means hitting the road to a life of adulthood by seeking higher education or pursing a vocational endeavor. For those completing college, graduation signifies a step into the real world, where they may begin their first full-time job. For others who don’t fall into one of these categories, graduation represents the fulfillment of educational goals.

 Graduation is a time to leave behind the old in pursuit of confronting the new. Classwork and theoretical discussions are over and practical work begins. Graduates will begin heading towards new experiences and challenges. Embracing new challenges, while remembering lessons learned, is a characteristic of a person with a healthy outlook on life.

 This May, as you attend graduation ceremonies and congratulate those who have worked hard to persevere and accomplish their goal, use valuable lessons and knowledge you learned from in the past. Use of these skills will help as you endeavor to face life’s new challenges.