Don't miss 2012 teen leadership summits

  • Published
  • By Alexandria Perini
  • AFRC NC Teen Leadership Council
Have you ever imagined going rock climbing, horseback riding, white water rafting, or scaling a high ropes course?

How about waking up every morning for a week witnessing the beauties of the snow-capped Rocky Mountains or the fresh smell of pine and the sound of rushing water of a national forest?

If you enjoy having fun, meeting people just like yourself, and spending five days attending the camp that will change your life, then this is for you! Make this summer a summer to remember by applying to attend a Teen Leadership Summit Camp, located in either Dahlonega, Georgia or Estes Park, Colo.

These camps include workshops in leadership education, who we are as military dependents, and what resources are available to us as military teens!

Blake Henry, one of the campers from the Colorado Adventure Summit in 2011 said, "In the weeks leading up to the camp I was looking forward to an adventurous, physically challenging experience in the Rockies. While in Colorado, I felt we were "One Family" because we all understood each other, and supported everyone, regardless of what challenges we might have faced at home or camp."

"When we returned from camp," Henry said, "we kept in close contact with the friends we had made and hoped to further our friendships more. It was honestly a life altering experience to know that there are people out there just like you and I."

Blake was truly amazed when he returned home from camp because he felt like he belonged with a group of people just like him.

To sign up for this fantastic adventure, go to see all of our available camps applications for attendance.

Teen Leadership Summit applications deadline is April 13, 2012