New leaders poised to do great things for the command

  • Published
  • By Lt. Gen. Richard Scobee

The success of any organization depends on its leaders. The Air Force Reserve is comprised of numerous units, and each has its own set of leaders. Some manage a section, others helm a numbered Air Force, but all are leaders. We rely on each and every one to conduct our day-to-day operations and provide outstanding support to our Airmen and their families.

Recent promotions and retirements have brought new faces to many of our senior command positions, and I would like to take a moment to introduce you to the individuals who lead the larger organizations within the Air Force Reserve.

In May, Maj. Gen. Brian Borgen took command of 10th Air Force.

He is an A-10 pilot who has a rich operational background. He’s deployed numerous times and has combat experience in Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan. He has commanded at the squadron, group and wing levels and served on the 10th Air Force staff. In his most recent assignment, he was a mobilization assistant at Air Combat Command.

Borgen’s combat experience and his time with ACC make him an excellent choice to lead our power projection forces.

Our newest numbered Air Force commander is Maj. Gen. John Healy, who took command of 22nd Air Force last month.

He was previously an adviser at U.S. European Command. He has flown the C-141, C-5 and was part of the C-17 initial cadre. He has been a squadron and vice wing commander. He has extensive staff experience serving at the Pentagon and the Tanker Airlift Control Center and deploying in support of U.S. Central Command.

Healy’s robust mobility background and his time at the combatant commands make him well suited to lead our tactical airlift wings.

These newly minted commanders join Maj. Gen. Randall Ogden, who has led 4th Air Force since March 2017.

Ogden is a helicopter and tanker pilot who has commanded at the squadron, group and wing levels. His staff experience includes tours at the Tanker Airlift Control Center, the headquarters Air Force staff and the joint staff. He has deployed as an operations group commander and as a deputy director of mobility forces.

His extensive aerial refueling and strategic mobility expertise make him a solid leader for 4th Air Force.

The Air Reserve Personnel Center also has new leadership. Col. Kelli Smiley assumed command in June. The personnel center provides critical support to every Reservist and Smiley’s breadth of experience makes her an ideal fit to lead this organization.

She has extensive experience at both the Air Force and Air Reserve Personnel Centers. She also served at the Pentagon and has been a squadron commander. She was previously the commander of the Readiness and Integration Organization and has completed several tours as an IMA.

Having served in multiple statuses makes Smiley well suited to understand the challenges our Reservists face and improve their quality of life.

Both the Air Force Reserve Command staff and the Office of the Air Force Reserve staff have new deputies who provide critical leadership behind the scenes.

Maj. Gen. John Flournoy Jr. has joined the command staff and the new deputy at the Pentagon is Maj. Gen. Hubert Hegtvedt.

All these individuals are exceptional leaders. They have proven their abilities as commanders on multiple occasions and their experience makes them exceptionally well prepared for their particular roles within our organization.

I know these individuals will do great things for the units they command, the Air Force Reserve and our amazing Reserve Citizen Airmen. I look forward to seeing how they will improve their organizations, enhance readiness across the command and inspire their Airmen to reach new heights.