Message from the 4th AF Chaplain Team: Stay strong, resilient

  • Published
  • By Chief Master Sgt. Adam P. Swift
  • Fourth Air Force Chaplain Corps

MARCH AIR RESERVE BASE, California — Greetings 4th AF Teammates,

It doesn’t take much effort to know a lot is going on in the world today. Information and misinformation abounds. In times like these it is especially important to remain grounded in our truths. Over my nearly 23-year Air Force career, I’ve settled on a few thoughts.

  • Our faith will carry us! It is my hope that the Chaplain Corps serves as your reminder that, “God is with us.” This is so important because, for me, it is my faith that keeps me strong in difficult times. I understand not everyone is of the same, or any, faith. We do share common ground in knowing we are a part of something greater than ourselves.
  • There may be some who are scared or fearful. That is okay. As an individual, it is natural to have concerns. While the threat is real, the fear does not have to overcome us. Even in the battlefield warriors may be afraid; what sets them apart is they manage their fear. As a team, we are able to conquer much more than we can alone. Each member, doing their part, is what makes us so successful as the world’s greatest Air Force.  

    From a practical perspective: 
    1.) Limit time on unofficial news sources like social media to alleviate some of the stresses with misinformation. 
    2.) Follow the guidance from your chain of command
    3.) Practice good hygiene.

Remember, as a team we will get through this.

  • Put your resilience tools into practice. It’s been said you starve fear and feed hope. Pray, meditate, breathe, exercise, talk to someone – do whatever you need to do to work through any anxiety. Reach out to the Chaplain Corps, Airman and Family Readiness Center, Director of Psychological Health, Military and Family Life Counselor, First Sergeant, supervisor, etc. for support as needed. 
  • As a nation, we’ve been here before. Crisis is not a new word for us. We have overcome before and we will overcome again. Follow the guidance of leadership. Do what we’ve trained to do.

We are the United States Air Force. We train for this. We Fly, Fight, and Win! Within the Fourth, we are The Premier Strategic Mobility Total Force Partner. Our Citizen Airmen are Ready, Resilient, and Lethal. 

Moments like these are where we prove our value.

Go Fourth with God!