PHAP helps Airmen with life stressors

  • Published
  • By Pamela Boyd
  • Psychological Health Advocacy Program

Traditional reservists only report once a month. How do we know what's going on in their lives? We don't know, and that can be a problem.


Life can be very overwhelming at times and we don't all feel that we have a support group of people that can help or that we can trust when times get tough. This is where PHAP helps.


The Air Force Reserve Psychological Health Advocacy Program, also known as PHAP is a confidential and free AFRC funded contract program. Our focus is to assist all reservists and their families, regardless of deployment status, by connecting them with solution focused resources while providing consistent follow-up contacts to assure progress to ultimate resolution.


All PHAP staff fully understand the stresses and sacrifices reservist and their families endure having all served in the armed forces ourselves.


We help with various stressors such as financial issues, relationship problems, parenting concerns, substance abuse, mental health, and deployment stresses for the whole family.


Another service that we provide are morale calls: pre/during/post deployment.


We work with many civilian and Department of Defense programs throughout the United States, concentrating on free and confidential opportunities. If needed and approved by the member, we also work closely with reserve medical units and active duty mental health clinics.


We are also here for those who serve in a leadership role. PHAP nurse case facilitators can provide assistance or direction on how to help a member in distress.


PHAP is located in building 4014, across from the finance office. To reach us by phone, call 937-656-1709 or please feel free to visit us during normal business hours 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. To reach us after office hours, please call our 24/7 hour message line 1-866-417-0707.