Critical Days of Summer: Say Something

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Mariette Adams
  • 6th Air Mobility Wing Public Affairs

It’s that time of year again; days filled with evening barbeques, trips to the beach and late night fireworks.

“From Memorial Day through Labor Day, many of us will face increased exposure to hazards at home and on the job,” said Jim Mattis, the Secretary of Defense. “Warm weather and longer days combine for greater opportunities to travel, play sports, and enjoy recreational activities of every kind.”

When enjoying the summer weather and activities, remembering a few helpful tips can be a life saver. This year, the Air Force’s Critical Days of Summer theme is "Say Something."

“The theme ‘Say Something’ refers to having the courage to say something to each other if we see someone doing something dangerous or even different from what they are used to doing,” explained Jason Jackson, the occupational safety manager assigned to the 6th Air Mobility Wing. “Step in and make someone think about their actions before they do it.”

Remaining vigilant your surroundings can make an impact. So, when something seems off, assess the risk and speak up when a situation seems unsafe. These actions can prevent unnecessary injuries and potentially deaths.

“While the actions you took last year resulted in fewer losses than the year before, we still lost 59 noble warriors to a variety of fatal mishaps, primarily motor vehicle crashes and water-related activities,” said Mattis. “Therefore, I challenge you to build upon your excellent efforts from last year to continue this downward trend.

“To safely enjoy an active season this summer, each of us must learn and heed those lessons painfully gleaned from past mishaps.”

Mishaps not only affect the individual, they affect the mission as a whole.

“When personnel are injured, the mission is degraded,” said Jackson. “There is a lost production from the individual, this affects more than just that individual because someone else will have to substitute for the injured person, which in turn creates a domino effect.”

Remaining alert, and not taking unnecessary risks can be applied not only during the summer but throughout the year. If something is unsafe, it is important to say something at any time.

“There are activities in every season that can be dangerous, especially when precautions are thrown to the wind, no one says a word and allows an individual to continue on with the dangerous act,” Jackson said.

Throughout the summer, as well as the year, make safety a priority. Don’t be afraid to say something if it is unsafe, it just might save a life.

For more information on CDS please contact the 6th AMW safety office at (813) 828-3383.