Guten Tag in Germany: 445th LRS works in real-world mission

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Shen-Chia Chu
  • 445th Airlift Wing Public Affairs
Being in a different country can be a new and exciting experience, full of adventure and lots of fun. For Air Force Reservists at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio, traveling across the Atlantic Ocean brings opportunities to explore a new culture and mission operation.

More than 65 members of the 445th Logistics Readiness Squadron spent their annual tour at Ramstein Air Base, Germany, June 11-25. The Airmen flew on one of the wing's newest assets, the C-17 Globemaster III, which took them more than 4,000 miles to their final destiny where they worked and trained side-by-side with their active-duty counterparts from the 86th Airlift Wing.

"This is an opportunity to train and learn from active-duty Airmen. We feel a sense of pride in helping them and sharing information with one another about our military and civilian experiences," Tech. Sgt. Mark Reel, 445th LRS fuels craftsman.

Due to the high operation tempo in Germany, the loggies are training as well as working to support real-world missions.

"I love the active-duty work pace and mentality of getting the job done quickly and efficiently," said Senior Airman Emily Temple, 445h LRS fuels distribution operator. "Besides being deployed, this is the busiest I have ever been."

Airman Temple says she loves the Air Force because of the technical excellence and professionalism, and she recommends Reservists to visit Germany for their annual tour.

"It is imperative to take the opportunity to train with knowledgable Airmen to gain more experience for this career field. I would love to join these active-duty Airmen doing this full-time if given the chance," Airman Temple said. "Reservists may not always have the chance to perform certain duties during their unit training assemblys and the annual tour gives them the possibility to prime and season their training," she added.

During their time in Germany, the 445th LRS worked overtime with the 86th LRS to help the mission workload.

"In our squadron there is a saying, 'without fuel, pilots are pedestrians.' When our Airmen see a plane in the sky, they have the satisfaction of knowing it is because of their mission that an aircraft can take off to complete their mission," Sergeant Reel said.

In addition to fueling, the 86th LRS supplies and maintains a large inventory of 11,000 gallons of liquid oxygen and 17,000 gallons of nitrogen for the aircraft.

"This is a special job that one needs to be trained and qualified for, which requires an Airman that is proficient and knowledgeable in their career field," said Staff Sgt. Robert Purnell, 86th LRS NCO in-charge of fuels cryogenics.

"After working with Airman Temple, I enjoy working with Reservists because I see she is highly motivated and eager to learn," Sergeant Purnell added. "I like teaching those who have no problem adapting to the active-duty work pace and I'm certain she will be ready for any upcoming inspection. I believe whatever workload or training comes along, Airman Temple can handle it," he said.

Germany has been a positive sharing experience of knowledge for the 445th LRS Airmen and their active-duty counterparts because of its specially tailored mission at Ramstein, which has uses different usage of equipment and environmental policies compared to the U.S.

"I'm proud to be part of the military culture and being able to work with Airmen in all parts of the world," said Sergeant Reel.