Chasing the stripe!

  • Published
  • By Chief Master Sgt. Peri Rogowski
  • 445th Airlift Wing Command Chief
We've all heard the phrase...and many "stripechasers" would solemnly attest to the opposite in their own plight for promotion. However, there IS a big difference between "chasing the stripe" and getting promoted.

How do you know that the difference? Well, here is some insight and things that you should really focus your efforts on regarding promotion. I've always told folks
- don't chase the stripe, chase opportunities to prepare yourself for the next level. And that's not just semantics -with promotions come increased responsibilities and expectations.

Some people aren't ready for that and that's what commanders often see when having to choose who gets promoted and who needs to "cook" a little longer. Prepare yourself because you WANT to; do it to LEARN; do it because you'll grow professionally and become a better leader, not because you want prestige, power or money.

You shouldn't wait until the 11th hour before completing your professional military education or obtaining your Community College of the Air Force degree. Do it BEFORE it's required - show that you are pro-active and a go-getter - be READY! Show that you
are hungry for knowledge and excited about giving back to our unit and your community.

Volunteer for unit, base and community activities because it's the right thing to do and not because you need a bullet for your EPR. Mentor young Airmen to help them achieve their goals like you are achieving yours. Celebrate others success when they are promoted or recognized and don't be catty about their accomplishments.

Be the leader you want leading you! If you are "deadlocked" in your career field, don't be afraid to enhance your knowledge by changing careers. Be positive and think "to serve" and not "be served" and you'll be surprised how that next stripe will appear on your arm without you chasing it!