RAP allows daughter to visit parents assigned to the 445th AW

  • Published
  • By Stacy Vaughn
  • 445th Public Affairs
Thanks to a special recruiter's program, an Airman was able to spend some quality time with her parents, both Air Reserve Technicians assigned to the 445th Airlift Wing, before heading overseas to her first assignment; Royal Air Force Mildenhall, United Kingdom.

Airman First Class Katie Gonzales participated in the Recruiter Assistance Program. RAP is an active-duty leave program run by Air Force Recruiting Service since fiscal year 2001. The Air Force grants up to 12 days of non-chargeable leave, including one weekend, in accordance with Air Force Instruction 36-3003 Military Leave Program.

While in the program, Airman Gonzales worked for a local Air Force recruiter, answering phones and talking with walk-ins about her experiences as an Air Force Airman. According to the Air Force Recruiting Service Web site, with RAP, Airmen can be a major influence in bringing the Air Force story to their hometown or place of previous residence by assisting local recruiters, making contacts and developing leads to potential recruits. In their RAP duties, Airmen may participate in question and answer sessions or make presentations to provide testimonial of their Air Force experiences to high school and college students.

"This has been a great program to participate in. I really enjoyed being able to talk to potential recruits about my experiences at boot camp and technical training school. I was able to give them some advice that I hope they can take with them or at least it will give them something to think about," Airman Gonzales said.

Master Sgt. Craig Hunt, 445th Maintenance Group, quality assurance, was glad his daughter participated in RAP because it not only allowed her to come home for a few days, it allowed her to share her experiences with potential recruits.

"We're very proud of our daughter joining the military. This program has been a great opportunity for her to share her experiences as a young Airman with those who are getting ready to start their military career," Sergeant Hunt said.

Master Sgt. Judy Hunt, 445th Mission Support Flight, chief of personnel readiness, also had good things to say about the program. "As a new Airman, Katie doesn't have much leave saved up. RAP is a great program because it allowed her to come home for 12 days without being charged leave, and she was able to make a positive impression on new Airmen leaving for basic training."