445th AW celebrates Month of Military Child

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  • By Grace Hendricks, 11 years old/6th Grade, daughter of Senior Master Sgt. Heather Singh, 445th Force Support Squadron

When someone asks me where I am from, I always say ‘Las Vegas’. But that is not true, I was born in North Carolina, moved to Kentucky when my mom deployed (and my dad was in Korea), then moved to Alabama and finally ended up in Las Vegas! All before I was four years old!

Sometimes it is just easier to say Las Vegas (and admit it, cooler!) than it is to explain being a military child.

Since Las Vegas, I have lived in Indiana and now Ohio. Some people might think all this moving is hard but there is so much I cherish about being a military child.

Moving a lot has taught me how to appreciate the things you have. When we lived in Vegas I had a pool in my own backyard! I miss having the pool. But I love where we live in Ohio. I am so grateful that I can walk to the shops and ice cream stores with my friends. I couldn’t do that in Las Vegas. Even though I miss Vegas, I appreciate what I have now because I know I will miss Ohio if we must leave.

Another great thing about being a military child is all of the friends I have made! Not to mention, how we all live all over the world. I have friends in Vegas, Florida, Boston, even Italy. It’s great having military friends. They understand our life and challenges easier than even our parents. Another cool thing is sometimes unexpected things happen; like when I lived in Vegas one friend moved to Italy. It was sad but we keep in touch.

Last week I found out her family is moving HERE to Ohio!

Sometimes I have had to move because my mom or dad deployed. It’s hard to find the good in that but I wouldn’t be the person I am today without these experiences.

My mom says I am resilient. I think that means I am adaptable and able to make the best of whatever situation I am in.

There are many layers to being a military child. Some good and some not so much. I love having all of my friends and being able to see so many new places. And the feeling of seeing my mom after a deployment is indescribable. I wouldn’t trade being a military child for anything!

April is designated as the Month of the Military Child, underscoring the important role children play in the armed forces community.