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  • Keep your DD93 and SGLI updated, loved ones covered

    Two documents are very important in the case of a service member's death: the SGLV Form 8286 (Service members’ Group Life Insurance Election and Certificate), and the DD Form 93 (Record of Emergency Data).
  • VA to decrease SGLI rates effective July 1

    Good news for service members' wallets! Effective July 1, 2019, the SGLI premium rate is decreasing. If you have coverage now, nothing will change except the price will be lower. Premiums are dropping $4 per month for those with maximum coverage. SGLI is available in $50,000 increments, up to a maximum of $400,000.Learn how to get SGLI
  • Airmen can now manage life insurance online

    Airmen no longer need paper forms to manage their Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance, thanks to the new SGLI Online Enrollment System, or SOES.