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445th Force Management

Force Management offers the following services:

  • AGR Program
    • Inbound
    • Outbound Curtailment
  • Awards, Decorations, and Special Projects/Trophies
  • Classification
    • SEI
    • AFSC Pre-conversion listing, Direct/Indirect AFSC Conversion
    • Waviers
    • Vol/InvolCAFSC Changes
    • Officer Upgrades
  • Desertion and Unauthorized Absences (Duty Status)
  • Duty Information
  • Duty Status
    • Availability Data (maintain/correct)
    • Non-Contingency Unit Duty Status Availability Data
  • Evaluations
    • Suspense, Monitor, and process OPR/EPR, Train, Reports, LOEs, missing reports and CROs
  • G-Series Orders
    • Publish & Distribute
    • Amend Special Orders
  • Overage/Overgrades
  • Perform TR Actions
  • Sanctuary Zone
  • SDAP Program
  • UIFs
    • Process
    • Coordinate w/ JAG
  • UPMR


Hours of Operation:

  • Regular hours: TBD
  • UTA Saturday: TBD
  • UTA Sunday: TBD

Phone: (937) 656-3312/3401/3298/3377
Location: Bldg. 4014, Room 153A
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