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445th Personnel Systems Manager

PSM offers the following services:

  • Administers and Audits User Accounts/Trains on Programs
    • CMS
    • DD214
    • MilPDS
    • PRDA
    • RMVS
    • vPC
  • Data Integrity
    • Ensures Transactions Registers worked
    • Performs TR Trend Analysis
    • Receives AFRCDAR
    • Resolves DJMS Rejects
  • MilPDS
    • Manages unauthorized transactions
    • Plans, directs, controls all aspects
    • Prepares, coordinates and implements local procedures
    • Trains/assists program users
  • Reports
    • Creates and distributes a variety of reports


Hours of Operation:

  • Regular hours: TBD
  • UTA Saturday: TBD
  • UTA Sunday: TBD

Phone: (937) 257-9179
Location: Bldg. ??, Room 173
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