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  • May is Asian American, Pacific Islander Heritage Month

    In 1978, Congress established Asian-Pacific American Heritage Week to celebrate the achievements and contributions of Asian and Pacific Islander Americans to U.S. history and culture. In 1990, President George H.W. Bush extended the celebration to the entire month.On Oct. 23, 1992, Congress

  • Every March, I mustache myself a question

    The razor hovered just above my upper lip; the blade suspended millimeters from my skin. The consequences of my next move would have lasting ramifications for at least the next 30 days. Even at this moment of reckoning, I wasn't sure which path I would choose.The day had started like any other

  • Finding, keeping focus on the motivation to quit smoking

    "I can smell it, and it makes me nauseous," he said. "I can't kiss you or even be around you. This has to stop."That was the exact moment I knew it was time to get serious about quitting smoking. When my husband and I were in the dating stages of our relationship, I was trying, unsuccessfully, to

  • It's 1700 somewhere

    Its side effects can range from confusion to induced sprinting for cover, to feelings of pride. It has the power to stop people in their tracks and causes self-induced paralysis for nearly two minutes at a time.Reveille and Retreat ceremonies occur on most military installations across the U.S. at

  • Maintenance verses Repair... of our Airmen!

    This commentary is not about aircraft, vehicles, or even any mechanical components. It's about our Airmen and how we manage their care and development throughout their careers. The Maintenance versus Repair concept is borrowed from the maintenance community and speaks to how maintenance managers

  • 'Tis the season to drink responsibly

    It's that time of year when holiday parties and late night celebrations begin to fill our calendars and we look forward to spending time with family and friends to celebrate our own special reasons for the season.Every Christmas Eve, I celebrate my life and I give thanks for being able to share the

  • How did we lose this young Airman?

    She was an Airman Leadership School distinguished graduate, earned staff sergeant her first time testing, received all 5s on her enlisted performance reports and took part in two deployments. Clearly she was a high-performing Airman.But, in her words, the Air Force had made it clear it didn't want

  • Commentary - Veterans Day is a day for gratitude

    Every generation hopes that the next will never have to go to war. Yet, as our United States Air Force approaches its 25th year of sustained combat operations, willing men and women from throughout our country continue to answer their nation's call to protect our freedoms.Veterans Day is a time to

  • Suicide prevention is everyone's responsibility

    It is every Airman's responsibility to prevent suicide by building personal resiliency and by being a good wingman.Prevention starts by recognizing the signs of suicide. These include displaying feelings of hopelessness, high levels of anxiety or self-destructive behaviors, withdrawing from family

  • See, say, do

    "Head's up!" "Keep your head on a swivel." "Have good situational awareness." "Be aware of your surroundings."Do any of these admonitions sound familiar? If you've played sports, been in the military or attended personal security classes, one or all of them probably do. So, why bring them up now?The