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  • Maintaining healthy habits over the holidays

    The holiday season brings lots of cheer, spirit and, of course, the holiday celebrations and food.Because of this, it can be easy to get off track with your healthy eating habits. Many people will just wait until New Year’s Day to focus on their nutrition, but the best thing to do is to start healthy holiday habits now to give you that extra edge
  • You are the greatest Airman!

    The Greatest Airman? Yes, you are! Since the beginning of our service, 1947, the United States Air Force has evolved and adapted just as society has evolved and adapted. From the Korean and Vietnam Wars to the last two decades of combat engagement, it is the Airman, you, who has carried the will of our Nation to the enemy.
  • From the Top

    Q: What is your vision to shape the force for the future?A: The Air Force Reserve, along with the rest of the Department of Defense, is entering a challenging and extraordinary time in the history of the United States. We are the smallest and leanest force we’ve ever been, operating day in and day out around the world. We have been challenged with
  • Spending more on gifts won’t bring more holiday happiness

    Commentary: The holidays are approaching once again, and so the season of gift giving is upon us. Its arrival is marked by barrages of nonsensical advertising and holiday specials on everything from sweatshirts to new cars to payday loans.
  • Thanksgiving food preparation and safety tips

    Gobble, gobble, it’s turkey time. Thanksgiving is quickly approaching, which usually means a lot of last minute shopping and cooking for holiday meals. However, few people stop to think about the possible illnesses that can occur. Improper storing, cooking, and serving of a turkey dinner can lead to the growth of harmful bacteria, which can cause food-borne illnesses. The two common causes of these illnesses are eating foods that are not thoroughly cooked and improper refrigeration. Cooking foods to proper temperatures and refrigerating leftovers in a timely manner will help stop the growth of disease-causing bacteria, which can lead to possible food poisoning.
  • Jimmy Stewart: True American Patriot

    Jimmy Stewart once said, “What’s wrong with wanting to fight for your country? Why are people reluctant to use the word patriotism?”
  • National American Indian Heritage Month 2016

    November is National American Indian Heritage month, honoring American Indians and Alaska Natives. This observance recognizes American Indians for their respect for natural resources and the Earth, for their many distinct and important contributions to the United States and having served with valor in our nation’s conflicts. The Society of American
  • Cyber safety critical in today’s digital world

    “Warning, your computer is infected! Our system detected multiple viruses on your device. These viruses may cause critial system failure. Click here to get Guardian virus protection.”Anybody who has surfed the Internet has seen messages like the one above. They are part of scams that make cyber criminals billions of dollars each year. Over the last
  • It's not a job -- it's a profession

    A job is a specific task with a defined beginning and a defined end. A profession is part of you - it helps define who you are. It is personal and your unique individualism contributes to it.
  • October – National Cyber Security Awareness Month

    According to internetworldstats.com, there are more than 3.6 billion Internet users, roughly half of the world’s population of approximately 7.4 billion people. This translates to a highly connected world we live in today. Both large and small technological devices are becoming an “Internet of things.” These everyday devices, which help us live, work, and play, include things we wear, things we live in, things we drive and things some may use for everyday survival. Because of this, everyone has a responsibility to ‘Stop and Think’ before connecting their devices to this global “Internet of things.”