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  • National Suicide Prevention Week

    National Suicide Prevention Week is Sept. 10-16.Our Air Force Reserve mission is to provide combat-ready forces to fly, fight and win. We know our reservists constantly and consistently train to be mission ready -- ensuring their own knowledge, skills and abilities and then combining them with team

  • Healthier Life: Why not to skip breakfast

    We have all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, whether it was ingrained in your head by your parents growing up, or we see it in advertisements on TV and magazines.  But do you know why it’s the most important meal?  Breakfast is the first opportunity we have to give our

  • Air Force Clubs: A Fading Legacy and its Resurgent Future

    The legacy of a wall of uniforms lining the bar, laughing, bonding and draining the worries of the day with every freshly full glass is a foundation of our history. To this day, The Club is where we host promotions, graduations, inductions, award ceremonies and celebrate all our accomplishments. The

  • Chief's View: Reflections from a memorable first year

    Reflecting on my first year as the command chief and the newly named senior enlisted advisor to the chief of the Air Force Reserve, I feel honored to represent the more than 56,000 Reserve enlisted Airmen who continue to support global operations. The Air Force Reserve could not accomplish the

  • U.S. Air Force Eagle Eyes Program

    In today’s world climate, the threat of spontaneous attacks is at an all-time high. Terror organizations like ISIL, Al-Qa’ida, PKK, and even lone wolf parties such as Timothy McVeigh or Dylan Roof have been carrying out attacks all over the world at an alarming pace. Some attacks are in the name of

  • Leadership lessons can come in all forms

    Recently, I lost my best friend of almost eight years. Her loss was extremely hard on me for many reasons – the first being she was the first loss I had suffered as an adult. Second, she was my best friend. She was my sidekick; we did everything together. She had been there with me through it

  • Change of Command Season

    “I assume command.” These words will be spoken in many squadrons, groups, and wings around the globe this summer and they represent a distinct transition for these units.