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  • Patriot Warrior: Reserve Citizen Airmen lead the way

    For nearly 70 years, the Air Force Reserve has served as a cornerstone to the defense of our nation by providing combat-ready forces to meet the needs of commanders all over the world.
  • Air Force Clubs: A Fading Legacy and its Resurgent Future

    The legacy of a wall of uniforms lining the bar, laughing, bonding and draining the worries of the day with every freshly full glass is a foundation of our history. To this day, The Club is where we host promotions, graduations, inductions, award ceremonies and celebrate all our accomplishments. The Club has shaped us and our expectations of what it means to be an Airman.
  • Chief's View: Reflections from a memorable first year

    Reflecting on my first year as the command chief and the newly named senior enlisted advisor to the chief of the Air Force Reserve, I feel honored to represent the more than 56,000 Reserve enlisted Airmen who continue to support global operations. The Air Force Reserve could not accomplish the mission without you. I want to share some highlights of
  • U.S. Air Force Eagle Eyes Program

    In today’s world climate, the threat of spontaneous attacks is at an all-time high. Terror organizations like ISIL, Al-Qa’ida, PKK, and even lone wolf parties such as Timothy McVeigh or Dylan Roof have been carrying out attacks all over the world at an alarming pace. Some attacks are in the name of religion, race or political biases. When watching a story on the news about an attack hundreds of miles away, it’s easy to forget that these events can happen anywhere, even federal military installations. In fact, our very own home here at Fairchild Air Force Base was victim to an active shooter in 1994.
  • Leadership lessons can come in all forms

    Recently, I lost my best friend of almost eight years. Her loss was extremely hard on me for many reasons – the first being she was the first loss I had suffered as an adult. Second, she was my best friend. She was my sidekick; we did everything together. She had been there with me through it all: a divorce, a marriage, four permanent changes of station to include overseas, two promotions, good times and bad…and just like that she was gone. Bella was my dog.
  • Change of Command Season

    “I assume command.” These words will be spoken in many squadrons, groups, and wings around the globe this summer and they represent a distinct transition for these units.
  • Revitalizing the Squadron: Progress and Next Steps

    As most Airmen are aware, the Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. David Goldfein, announced an effort to revitalize the squadron as the core fighting unit in the Air Force.
  • P.T.S.D. - Why people avoid mental health treatment

    The stigma of seeking help for mental health conditions exists in our general population and within the military community. Stigma can cause a person to deny symptoms, delay seeking care or stop them altogether from beginning treatment. During the month of June (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Awareness Month) we are encouraging you to be part of the solution. Having a greater understanding and awareness of PTSD can help service members and others recognize symptoms, and seek help and save lives.
  • A farewell letter from our command chief

    Dear 445th Family, It has been an honor to call the 445th Airlift Wing “my home” for nearly 20 years of my 36 years of military service.
  • Remembering those who gave all

    As we approach the first major holiday of 2017, Memorial Day is a day to remember those who have given their all for our country. Over the course of my career, I’ve seen many people confuse Memorial Day for Veteran’s Day or for Independence Day. Those are significant holidays in their own right, but Memorial Day is set aside as a singular day to