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  • Online Safety at Work

    Maintaining online safety at your workplace is just as important as online safety at home. In today’s ever-growing technological era, cyber and computer occupations have grown rapidly. In this day and age, as technology advances quickly, so do computer exploits and vulnerabilities. This has forced cyber professionals to consistently adapt to the changes regularly occurring on the virtual web. This article will provide helpful tips to stay safe and potentially ahead of reoccurring cyber-attacks.
  • Life Savers

    This year the Air Force celebrates 75 years of air evacuations and the scores of injured service members who have been safely flown from combat areas to higher echelons of care.
  • Heroes return home: Repatriation of WWII remains

    “I can’t even imagine being killed in action and then being left there,” said U.S. Air Force Lt. Col. Brant Dixon, 437th Operations Support Squadron director of current operations. “I would want to come home – any way possible.” Many service members lost their lives fighting for America. Some were brought home to their families and laid to rest, others were buried on the foreign soil where they died and several went missing in action. However, these heroes are never forgotten.
  • 445th LRS supply Airmen meet wing’s needs

    Members of the 445th Logistics Readiness Squadron supply shop have been working overtime in the last few months to ensure that all 445th Airlift Wing Airmen have the uniforms and supplies needed to perform training and deployment missions.
  • Intel Airman fulfilling dream to become doctor

    Master Sgt. Jonathan Bellerive, 445th Operations Support Squadron operation intelligence analyst, is about to fulfill his dream of not only becoming an Air Force officer but of becoming a doctor in the Air Force.
  • Air Force Academy changing to meet needs of the Air Force

    The Air Force Academy’s top officer said decisions made by senior Pentagon officials and increased defense spending are changing how the Academy prepares cadets to contend with modern warfare.
  • 445 AMDS in perfect health during team building exercise

    Airmen from the 445th Aerospace Medicine Squadron participated in a team building and training exercise June 6, 2018 at Wright Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio. Members practiced stretcher maneuvers, weapons handling, patient transportation and battlefield triage while experiencing simulated indirect fire.
  • Seven brothers linked by service

    For the Hampton family, being drafted into military service was never an option. Of the 13 Hampton children hailing from Independence, Kentucky, all seven brothers voluntarily served in the armed forces for a combined total of more than 125 years.
  • Mobile Marketing Platform: AFRC rolls out new tool in its recruiting arsenal

    Air Force Reserve Command Recruiting Service has a new weapon in its recruiting arsenal with the 2018 launch of interactive mobile marketing platforms, to be featured at air shows and other AFRC recruiting event.
  • From Tactical to Strategic: Pittsburgh unit making the switch from C-130s to C-17s

    The 911th Airlift Wing, Pittsburgh International Airport Air Reserve Station, Pennsylvania, is undergoing a significant mission change in order to meet the needs of the Air Force.