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  • 100 Years of Reserve Air Power: The Centennial Celebration

    Editor’s note: On June 3, 1916, Congress signed the National Defense Act of 1916, which created the nation’s first air reserve program. In honor of this historic event, the Air Force Reserve is celebrating 100 years of reserve air power throughout the month of June. The following story looks at the National Defense Act of 1916 and how it set the
  • The Search is On: Reserve Command Seeking Innovative Ideas

    Air Force Reserve Command launched an innovation page on its public website in April, providing Airmen with all the tools needed to submit or share ideas, or discover existing initiatives around the military.“Innovation has been at the forefront of our Air Force since the Wright Brothers took that first leap of 120 feet,” said Lt. Gen. James F.
  • Is your child being bullied or is your child the bully?

    According to the National Bullying Prevention Center, one out of every four students report being bullied during the school year, and 64 percent of bullied children did not report it. There are a few ways a parent can tell if their child is being bullied or if their child is the one bullying.
  • 445 AMDS plays critical role in Airmen readiness

    When it comes to keeping our wing’s warfighters medically qualified and ready to deploy, the 445th Aerospace Medicine Squadron’s 125 Airmen play a crucial role in making that happen.
  • 655th ISRG continues to grow, paves the way for DoD

    Since standing up in 2012, the 655th Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Group has come a long way in just a short amount of time and continues to pave the way in future Air Force intelligence initiatives.The 655th ISR Group is an independent group under 10th Air Force that ensures the training and readiness of Air Force Reserve Command
  • 445 AW legal office offers free legal services

    The 445th Airlift Wing's legal office helps Airmen with free legal assistance for documents like wills, notaries, powers of attorney, and advance medical directives.
  • Reservists key to Get 1 Now recruiting program

    A defining characteristic--and key strength--of the Air Force Reserve is the unique and diverse skill sets in its members. Our Airmen serve in a vast array of civilian career fields. Some have served in the active duty Air Force or other services. The 445th Recruiting Office gets to see it all, speaking with people from all walks of life and
  • Veteran shares emotional story of service

    Members of the 445th Airlift Wing and 120 local veterans enjoyed a celebration of food and comradery during the Dayton Veterans Affairs Medical Center Holiday Party December 5, 2015.Reservists served food in the lobby and delivered food to the rooms of veterans who were less mobile.While visiting, I had the opportunity to meet a veteran and hear
  • 445 AES trains for wounded warrior care, transport

    In addition to strategic transport and operational readiness, one of the primary missions of the 445th Airlift Wing is aeromedical evacuation--using military transport aircraft to carry wounded personnel. It's a mission carried out by more than 130 flight nurses, medical technicians, aeromedical evacuation operations officers, and logisticians in
  • 445th FSS takes on fit challenge for holidays

    Fitness is a key component of readiness in the Air Force. When deployed, it is important for each Airman to be able to fulfill their responsibilities physically and emotionally.The 445th Force Support Squadron members maintain their level of fitness by participating in a nine-week-long fitness challenge that began October 3, 2015."FSS developed a