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  • You Can't Fly Them if you Can't Fix Them: AFRC working hard to ease aircraft maintenance shortage

    As it faces many challenges such as an increase in operations tempo, budgetary uncertainty and the Air Force-wide pilot shortage, Air Force Reserve Command is stepping up efforts to meet another difficult challenge: a shortage of much-needed Reserve Citizen Airmen in the aircraft maintenance career field.Lt. Col. Daniel Posch, Maintenance
  • Thanksgiving’s roots grounded in American Profession of Arms

    This year marks 154 years since President Abraham Lincoln issued a proclamation declaring the third Thursday in November “a day of thanksgiving,” thus establishing the occasion as an official holiday.
  • Smoking: quitting is key

    For decades, we’ve been hearing about the health risks of smoking; how it causes cancer, how it isn’t “cool” or “hip” to be habitually addicted to a reckless habit. It is information drilled into us over and over again, yet some still choose to smoke - I used to be one of them.
  • Aircrew flight equipment Airman sews for a living

    Airman First Class Devin Litton, with the 445th Operations Support Squadron Aircrew Flight Equipment, participated in his first unit training assemble during the month of October. Even on his first weekend of drill, Litton stuck out as having a unique personal career that resembles his Air Force one. Litton runs his own handmade tactical gear business out of his home.
  • Training and Development Flight: preparing future Reserve Citizen Airmen

    Air Force Basic Military Training develops enlistees from civilians to professional Airmen.To help young men and women prepare for BMT, the Air Force Reserve offers the Training and Development Flight.“It is an introduction to the military through structured Unit Training Assembly participation,” said Staff Sgt. Glenda Nathaniel, Flight Chief for
  • 445 FSS Airmen help wing maintain fitness readiness

    Each month, nearly 200 Citizen Airmen complete their physical fitness tests at the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base Wright Field Fitness Center and Tech. Sgt. Jennifer Godsey, 445th Force Support Squadron fitness NCO in charge, and Staff Sgt. Jared Dexter, fitness specialist, are the driving force behind the streamlined process
  • Yellow Ribbon strengthens Air Force Reserve families

    A Columbus, Ohio, family used an Air Force Reserve Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program event here Sept. 22-24 as the official kick-off to prepare for their second deployment.Reserve Citizen Airman Tech. Sgt. Zachary Loechler, 87th Aerial Port Squadron, and his wife, Abigail, participated in their second event to connect with resources designed
  • Last C-5A flight brings nostalgia back for crew

    An unmistakable sound echoed across the sky above Westover Sept. 7 – for the last time.With a growl and whine so familiar to residents and the base populace here for 30 years, it was the final takeoff for C-5A Galaxy 70-0461, the last remaining A-model built 47 years ago and delivered to the Air Force from Lockheed.Aboard the Air Force’s sole
  • The missing step in using supplements

    Many people take supplements in one variation or another, but when recommendations or information on what is safe come from paid sponsors, then it becomes confusing.“One thing that I want to push out to all the inbound students and all the base newcomers is that there is a website called opps.org, which is Operation Supplement Safety website,” said
  • Scott becomes hub for C-17, AE relief efforts after Hurricane Irma tears through Fla., Caribbean islands

    SCOTT AIR FORCE BASE, Ill. --Scott Air Force Base became a safe-haven for 12 Charleston, S.C.,-based C-17s and then turned into a hub for staging both air supply and aeromedical evacuation missions in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma.Team Scott had quickly ramped up to support more than 250 maintenance and aircrew members, along with 50 evacuees and