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  • Gone but Not Forgotten

    When I attended basic training 25 years ago, I purchased a small metal band to wear on my wrist. With the exception of a wedding ring, it was the only piece of jewelry we could wear during training.
  • Blended Retirement System – Crash course on what you should know

    The Uniformed Services Blended Retirement System took effect on Jan. 1, 2018. Since then service members have the option to opt into the new retirement system. Those who have not decided yet have until Dec. 31, 2018 to make their final decision or remain in the legacy retirement system.With only two months left, the big question for some people
  • Don’t forget to have safety in your bag of tricks and treats this year

    The major dangers while out trick-or-treating are not from ghosts and goblins but from falls and pedestrian accidents.
  • From the Top

    Heroes of the Air Force Reserve: I’m honored and humbled to take command of this outstanding organization.
  • Hispanic Heritage Month celebrates history and culture

    The United States military has a remarkable history of Hispanic men and women who have served eagerly and proudly to defend our nation and its people.
  • Resilience...it can be achieved

    Resilience is a tool comes to mind when Airmen think about readiness for deployment. But resilience is so much more than a tool, it should become a habit, something that we have and do naturally unspecific to deployment but applicable to all stressful life situations.
  • September Fitness Tips

    How to Run Your Best Run Yet Strong running begins with great preparation. Properly fitting shoes, environmentally-suited clothing and safe running routes. But, a successful running program also means eating well to support daily, and additional, exercise energy needs. Consuming enough calories and other vital nutrients, such as carbohydrates,
  • Constructive feedback key to successful mentoring

    It’s my privilege to author this month’s edition of the Buckeye Flyer. The topic I have chosen is near and dear to my heart, mentoring. Being able to mentor and pass along personal and professional career guidance is what continues to drive me in my career
  • August Fitness Tips

    Tips for the Summer Time WorkoutsWarmer, sunny days are finally here, but after exercising in cooler spring temps, hot and humid 80 plus degree days can feel overwhelming. Running, biking, hiking, even walking feels harder in the heat, so here are some tips to help you get through your Summer workouts.Be flexible about when you work out. Become
  • Execution, sustainment of Rapid Global Mobility

    One of the foundational aspects of America's military strength is the ability to project forces anywhere on the planet at the time and place of our choosing. Rapid Global Mobility represents the fastest, most agile way to achieve that objective, with our strategic airlift fleet and personnel at the very heart of it. Aircrews thrive on this diverse