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  • Air Force Reserve promotes family ties that last a lifetime

    Family ties. Just the mention of those words revives memories for many in the audience. It also dates us. Don’t worry. This will not be a breakdown of the 80s as I’m pretty sure you’ve recently had your share from Stranger Things and Cobra Kai. More than a TV show, the phrase family ties describes the essence of the Air Force Reserve’s niche in fostering lifelong relationships while successfully executing our mission.
  • Flu season around the corner

    In addition to our concerns with COVID, the flu season is fast approaching and we want everyone to be protected as soon as possible. There have been significant national delays and cost overruns with flu shots this year. As such, I would like to remind all wing members that they can get their flu vaccines with their local provider, pharmacy or civilian employer ASAP, if desired and able.
  • Updated: 445th plans in-person July UTA

    We are now days away from the first in-person Unit Training Assembly since March 2020. We look forward to seeing each of you in person. As you prepare to come back to the base, some of you may have questions or concerns about what to expect when you return.
  • 445th plans in-person July UTA

    We are diligently planning and looking forward to restoring a somewhat normal Unit Training Assembly in July.
  • Message from the 4th AF Chaplain Team: Stay strong, resilient

    Words of encouragement from the Fourth Air Force Chaplain Team
  • Message from the 4th AF Chaplain Team: Stay strong, resilient

    Words of encouragement from the Fourth Air Force Chaplain Team
  • Mastering time; bring balance to home, work, personal lives

    The enlisted military occupation has been consistently ranked as one of the most stressful jobs in America with factors ranging from pay, long hours, hard deadlines, and a lot of time spent away from home and loved ones.
  • From the Commander: Happy New Year

    Maj. Gen. Randall A. Ogden, Fourth Air Force commander, shares New Year greetings
  • Mess Up, Screw Up, or Fudge Up

    Something that I have heard often since I’ve been in the Air Force – and realize I repeat every time I meet a new Defender in the squadron – is that mistakes aren’t punished but crimes are. Failures are the best way to learn the right way to do things, but speaking from a career field that has been accused of “eating its own,” sometimes the distinction is lost (especially if you’re receiving paperwork). How can an individual fail in a “no fail” mission while still learning and moving forward? Rather than try to figure this out on my own, I did what I’ve been raised to do – ask a SNCO. Thankfully, there was an answer from one of my SMSgts who summed it up as, “You succeed, mess up, screw up, or fudge up,” (to paraphrase A Christmas Story, he didn’t say “fudge”). I propose that we change the way we look at failures, and use this framework – “Mess Up, Screw Up, and Fudge Up” – to judge how bad a failure really is.
  • Cyber-attack security – helpful tips, safe tricks

    While cyber-attacks are always happening and tensions are on the rise, everyone needs to keep in mind the best practices to counteract these types of measures in their daily duties. Individuals frequently tell themselves, “it can’t happen to me.” However, statistically, this is not the case. Below are a few ways users can minimize their own vulnerability from phishing or spam emails, which is one of those most common methods of compromise.