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  • What is the Aeromedical Staging Squadron?

    So what is an aeromedical staging squadron and what do we do? I get asked that question all the time and I have to admit, before I joined the squadron some 13 years ago I had no idea myself. There are two major components that make up the ASTS, patient staging and critical patient care. The patient

  • Commentary: Running like the wind

    I have always wanted to do well on my PT test. When the Air Force implemented the 1.5 mile run, I was extremely out of shape. I never needed to do any cardio workouts because I would always pass my bike test. As for the weight room, I had no time to for it nor did I want to make time. However, when

  • For Airmen, extraordinary things happen every day

    As military members, most of us understand we're a part of something special. I'm not sure I realized the full reality of just how unique our profession is until I stepped away from it. I didn't stay away long, but when I returned, it was with a new sense of appreciation.I served almost 10 years on

  • A New Year's resolution to feed your spirit

    At this time each year, millions of people in our country will make New Year's resolutions. The most common resolution people make is either to eat less or to eat more healthy food, in short - to take better care of one's physical need. Our physical need is one of the total wellness needs; in